Every trip begins and ends with laundry

Posted on: 05/04/2011

manostphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.netToday I am washing, drying and ironing, and tomorrow looks like more of the same…hopefully packing too.  Spending the Easter holidays 850 miles away from home means you can’t leave anything behind, after all.

I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I always feel more comfortable packing as early as possible so I know that nobody will wear the clothes before we go.  This has become more important recently, since the two older kids share a room the size of a shoebox (yes, a slight issue when people view the house), and we cut down on the number of clothes they needed.  We get hundreds of hand-me-downs, which is great, but we have to prune heavily so what we keep fits in their drawers..

This time, I know there’s a washing machine where we’re going, so I’m just taking four changes of clothes for everyone.  This makes it easier on the washing, ironing, packing and so on, and it also gives me an excuse to stay home on every fourth day and study in between each load of laundry…(got two assignments to complete while I’m out there).

I also plan to take spare toiletries rather than our main ones.  The likelihood of forgetting something on the morning of departure is extremely high, so the less I have to leave till the last minute the better.  Bad enough to try and remember those things that don’t have spares, such as phones, teddies, and the like.

federico stevanin / FreeDigitalPhotos.netI have no doubt that I will be buried in laundry as soon as we get home.  But with only four changes of clothes, I feel more confident that the washing machine and I will be able to handle it.

My biggest concern, though, is smallest one’s amazing capability to go through clothes.  It is not yet lunchtime and I already have changed her clothing three times; she even managed to get something unmentionable on me and I am one change in too.  Four changes of clothes is probably not quite enough where she’s concerned…

Speaking of whom, ironing is all rather tricky when she’s around.  It’s going to be a challenge to squeeze all that into a nap-time.  I know a friend who used to iron inside the playpen when her children were small.  A very tempting thought today…


1 Response to "Every trip begins and ends with laundry"

Perhaps a few more changes for the littlest one. I have a mantra which I follow every time I leave the house to go to a foreign land, passport, money, ticket, before I shut the door I check my handbag even though I know I have put them in. These days the money part isn’t such a worry as long as I have my purse with credit cards & little bit of local currency. You will always forget something but again if it’s important you can always buy or your other half can bring it out when he comes. At least going this time year you know will need warm & clothing siutable for a freak heat wave. Have a great time,
envy, envy, as we with suitable weather will be doing the back garden & preparing for the ducks.

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