Road trip

Posted on: 04/04/2011

In a few days’ time I will be taking myself and all bar the salary-earning member of the family down to my parents’ place in the south of France.  By car.

federico stevanin /

While we are down there, we will celebrate my mum’s seventieth birthday, Easter, and Smallest One’s first birthday, in a three-day festival of much eating, before we head back home.

Part of me is anticipating a fabulous time (Much Beloved will join us briefly too – yay).

(There’s another part of me that’s trying really hard not to think about what will happen spending such a long period of time in the company of my parents. Who, whilst well-meaning, like all parents of adults I know bar very few, have this amazing capacity to drive me insane.  But I’m straying off the point)

For now, I am trying to fathom how to prepare, during the busiest week of the school term, for such an expedition. I’ve been dreading it.  However, now I’m actually thinking about it, apart from winning the battle of the laundry and ensuring the children don’t pack totally unsuitable clothing, it’s no longer so daunting.  I’ve prepared all the documentation (insurance, cross-channel tickets, passport applications, etc.), and that was really the tricky and time-consuming bit.

So now the prospect seems quite appealing, all in all.  I think what I’m really dreading is the last week of term.  I really wish the school’s events diary was not confined almost solely to this one week when we’re all exhausted…but at least it’ll allow me to really look forward to the trip.


2 Responses to "Road trip"

You are driving three children to the south of France?! Big up respect to you; I’d be panicking just driving myself there, let along little ones 🙂

Mum will be spelling me on the driving…and somehow I have never had a problem driving on the wrong side of the road. Must be all those camping holidays as a child, as Chris is a nervous wreck whenever he takes the wheel 😉

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