Heading toward toddlerdom

Posted on: 29/03/2011

Forgive me if the text suddenly goes funny.  You see, we’ve hit transition stage with Smallest One.

Not only has she learned to crawl with all four limbs, but she is also cruising the furniture.  (For some strange reason I expected there to be some time between these two little developments.  How foolish of me..)

This has led to me discovering that there is no longer anywhere safe to blog.  If I sit in my usual spot on the sofa she’ll haul herself up and reach anything she can. This is usually the ‘enter’ button, which can have interesting consequences.

In the hope of being in a better position to distract her with any other stuff that comes to hand, I am now sitting blogging cross-legged on the floor.  Every so often she’ll crawl over to me.  But I have prepared for this eventuality and have a box full of toys to divert her attention.

Of course, sometimes it doesn’t work.  Which might be why I’ve been pressing the ‘save’ button rather more frequently than usual.

q1aw\\  sEE WHAT. Sorry, see what I mean?

Smallest one on the move

I turned the webcam on as she snuck up behind me...

This, however, is just one of many little changes we’ve experienced.  Let me list a few – you might find them familiar:

  • Discovering all the electric cables that connect the phone to the wall..  If you’re trying to call me right now, apologies.  If we just called you by accident, apologies again.
  • Deciding that we have had enough to eat and all the rest of the food needs to go on the floor.  Preferably in one large sweep of the arm.
  • Finding the pile of newspapers I have yet to read and making an executive decision to cover the living room floor in newsprint.
  • Learning how to drip our sippy cup and make patterns on the table/chair/bib/floor, then put our arms in it and swirl it around with our sleeves.
  • Testing the sleep boundaries.  After seven joyful months of 11-12 hours sleep a night (illness excepted), deciding to start screaming at one, three and five o’clock in the morning to see what happens.

I’m finding the last one the hardest just at the moment.   I’m not really the swearing type, but this changes in the small hours when I have been disturbed more than once.   I know I should count myself lucky – there are plenty of parents out there who haven’t had a full night’s sleep in years.   I am extremely glad I’m not one of them, and I don’t intend to be one now.

Now, what were all those techniques I used with the other two?  Ah yes, I think we’ll try the pick-up-put-down method first…  Thank you Baby Whisperer.


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