Posted on: 27/03/2011

image courtesy of short while back I wrote how my smartphone had been keeping me up in the dead of night with all its gadgets and distractions.

Now I find, having removed the distracting games (except the Sudoku, of course – couldn’t do without that), that the positives are finally beginning to outweigh the negatives.  And that I’m just too tired at night to start messing around with the phone, which helps with the sleep thing.

For starters, I can check email without having to go and sit at my laptop, which would then lead into multiple internet-based distractions.  I have access to the internet, but not in a way that makes me want to dawdle on there for no good reason.  That screen would give you a headache if you spent more than five minutes trying to scrutinise the text.

I can blog from my phone if I really have to.  Again, I wouldn’t want to do this too often, but at least I can.  Photos and media are a little tricky, and don’t get me started on publication timing, but the straightforward written word is great.  You can even check your site stats, something I am unreasonably obsessed with.

I have access to my online calendar.  And I can update it both on the phone and on my laptop.  Better still, the other half can update it too (even if the thought never occurs to him, at least he can).  So when I’m at the doctor’s sorting out an appointment, or in the playground sorting out a playdate, I can actually check, there and then, if we’re free… And get it in the calendar before my sponge-like brain lets me down and I in turn let someone else down.  Wonderful.

I do my online shopping from my phone as often as not.  Great for those moments when you’ve shut down your computer, you’re getting ready for bed and you realise your order cut-off point is in one hour and you’ve forgotten to include something essential.  You may have guessed that this happens quite often.

One thing I seem to use my phone for more than anything else at the moment is audio books.  There’s a website called ( for those who are US-based), which has been pro-active enough to get an ‘app’ going that means I no longer have to listen to my piddly little MP3 player, whose earphones, should I be listening in bed at night, are usually trying to garrote me by morning.  They make a bit of money from the likes of me, who could otherwise listen via the local library’s excellent selection of free downloadable audiobooks (check it out!), but the convenience factor is worth the hassle.

There are downsides.  One of which is the fact that I’ve had to use the word ‘smart-phone’ rather than ‘iPhone’ in the title.

Much as I hate to admit it, smart-phones are never going to be as nice as iPhones. The folks at Apple really thought hard about how to make it the best that it could be, and even much beloved’s three-year-old one is way, way better than my Android based phone.  There really is no comparison.  And as such, iPhones are always going to be the market leaders.

Also, anyone who has any kind of decent commercial online presence has been sensible enough to write an ‘app’ for the iPhone.  But less than half of them have bothered to do one for Android phones. Take WeightWatchers, for example.  It would make so much difference to me if I could use it on my phone.   There are even property websites that have apps – if you have an iPhone.

But at least technology does seem to be moving in the right direction.  More and more, companies are finding it worthwhile to write programs for Android, and for that I am thankful.

And in the meantime I can keep saving up for an iPhone.


2 Responses to "Smart-phones"

There ate loads of smartphones out there now to rival the iPhone. I am giving up my iPhone at the end of the month for an HTC as the software is so much better than iOS. You just have to be prepared to spend some money!

Really? Most iPhone users can’t handle changing to an Android. Though I have heard that the HTC is especially sexy. But I do have to admit, I’m on my Samsung because I didn’t have the cash for an iPhone. (Secretly I’m hoping that hubby will get an iPhone 4 and give me his old 3, but he never reads my blog so he’ll never get the hint..)

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