Why moving house is stressful, part Q: A dead market

Posted on: 26/03/2011

We were so excited when we started readying our house for market.  Six months previously, an identical house round the corner had sold within a fortnight.  A month ago a similar house sold within a week.  Excellent, we thought.  We’ll be receiving offers in no time.

We put our house on the market three weeks ago.  In the first week we had three viewings.

In the second week we had none.

In the third week we had none.

Prospects are not looking good.

It doesn’t even help that one of the first three are interested in making an offer, since they can’t sell their own house.

Evgeni Dinev /

More houses are selling here than in our area right now

I’ve been speculating as to whether the then impending budget meant that people were waiting till now to get off their bottoms and try and sell their house. To be honest the budget has done so little to change the situation for first-time buyers that there is no new market stimulus.  So I’m not going to hold my breath expecting the phone bristle with prospective viewings.

Nevertheless, all this time, we have to actually keep the house clean.   With three small fry this is no picnic, and I don’t mind telling you that so far we have had help twice a week to keep it in its beautiful state.  It no longer feels like our house.  Unsurprisingly, we’re now cutting down to once a week help; it wasn’t sustainable otherwise.

In hindsight, we shouldn’t have been quite so naive as to think that our house would sell this easily.  Everyone knows the market is not good at the moment.   Now I’m starting to wonder if we will be moved come the start of the new school year, which is tricky since it is more disruptive for the children.

But at least I have come to terms with this possibility.  A few days ago, this thought had me waking in a sweat.  Now I realise it’s not the end of the world.  I should really be thanking my lucky stars that we are able to move at all.

Whilst I’m not a fatalist, I do feel myself wanting to burst into Doris Day impressions at times like this.

Que sera, sera…


5 Responses to "Why moving house is stressful, part Q: A dead market"

I assume you’re confident you have the price correct?

Well there’s always that possibility. But we have priced within the relevant search parameters with a view to accepting lower, though still reasonable, offers. That seems to be the only way to play the market at the moment. And we’ve done our homework and made sure we’re not being greedy of course.

I’m just puzzled over why a couple of similar houses nearby sold so quickly. Just good luck on their part, I suppose.

Well, one was slightly nicer than ours (bigger upstairs, conservatory) and was on at a competitive price because the owner was doing a part-exchange with them. The other one was 6 months ago when the market was more stable. I spoke to the agent yesterday, and he was saying that up till now the average viewing/sale ratio was 7:1 and now it’s 12:1.

Pleased to say we had another viewing today though, and one booked in later on this week. So maybe it’s not as bad as I thought…

Hope they go well!

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