Nap time

Posted on: 25/03/2011

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Every day, smallest one tends to drift off to sleep for a good hour.   As any parent will be able to tell you, this hour is golden.   It is a time to do whatever you need to do that either requires a sufficient amount of concentration that you can’t be disturbed by your baby, or simply too dangerous.

Also, sometimes it is a chance to catch up on sleep too.  When I felt rubbish yesterday – that whole lack of sleep thing was turning me more into Mr Hyde than Dr Jekyll – I had a half-hour kip.  I woke up feeling like I could cope again.  And indeed I did.  It was also our wedding anniversary, so it was kind of important that I didn’t feel like death warmed up.

This morning I got seventeen shirts ironed.

Earlier in the week, I got some studying done.

The tricky part is choosing what is most important on any particular day.   After all, you only get an hour to do what you need to do.  So I still have a heap of ironing left to do, not to mention trying to finish an assignment.

But at least this is the time when I actually get that hour.  Toddlers drop their naps far too soon for my liking, so I must make the most of it.

In my office days I used to get an hour to do my own thing…the lunch hour.  I used to use this time to pay bills, get some exercise, have some me-time, see a friend, go shopping, and so on.

Though the content of the hour is different, since I have different needs and still have to be in the general vicinity of smallest one, I tend to treat nap time with the same approach.  A mixture of me-time and stuff I need to do.  Depending on what seems to be the most important first.

After all, we do need to take care of ourselves if we’re going to take care of everyone else.   Some people use their time to do craft stuff… See I ♥ naptime, for example, where one mum uses the time to do craft stuff.

This poll on Mothering dot community seems to echo the mix of stuff I do during naptime.   Housework, nap, TV etc… it’s clearly fairly normal.

Though I have to admit to using the internet during smallest one’s waking hours.  One hour would never be enough, especially when you take the blogging into account.

Bad mummy.


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