What’s wrong, baby?

Posted on: 24/03/2011

Clare Bloomfield /

Smallest one has been out of sorts this morning. Lots of tears, poor appetite, and so on.

When I teach expectant couples, we often look at a checklist to try and work out what’s bothering the baby. It includes items such as checking or changing a nappy, feeding, winding, sleeping, too hot or cold, fever and so on.  Ninety-nine times out of one hundred, going through the checklist will solve the problem.

But there will be the one time you do this and baby is no happier.

Today was that day for smallest one. Nappy? Check. Cuddles? Didn’t stop the tears. Food? Cast aside in disgust. Fever? Not a hint of one.  Sleep? Elusive. Milk? Heaven forbid, she even refused the milk. Tears still on full flow. I am flummoxed. For the first time ever, smallest one has defied the checklist.

I consider starting through the checklist again. Twice through and only then get help is my general rule of thumb, though once is almost always enough.

As I start to check her nappy again, she throws up copiously. All over both of us. And the freshly cleaned carpet.

Mystery solved.


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