Pouches: the new convenience food

Posted on: 22/03/2011

There’s a brand of baby food that we have been using consistently regularly since smallest one started on solid food.

Actually, that’s not quite true.  When we started I had less going on and I managed to give her 100% real food, such as banana, bread, peas, and so on.  We even did this going out to eat.  She would chew on pizza crusts, plain pasta and lettuce leaves.

Then two things happened.  Firstly, life got considerably more complicated.  I realised I needed to study more, as well as get the house into some sort of order prior to the sale, and then we started house hunting every spare second.  Secondly, I noticed a different type of baby food on the shelves.

Ella’s Kitchen are relative newcomers to the baby food market.  Rather than put food in jars, they decided to package their baby food in screw-top pouches, space food style.

This in itself is revolutionary.  It negates the need for a bib. And a spoon.  In fact, before long smallest one became adept at holding these pouches herself, which almost, but not quite, negates the need for an adult.   The entire pouch never takes more than two minutes to inhale, sorry, eat.   They don’t even need to be warmed; they can be served at room temperature.

Such things didn’t exist when my older two were tiny.  There is another baby food brand – Plum Baby – who have been doing this a little longer, but somewhere along the way they only managed to get two or three varieties of pouch onto my local supermarket’s shelves.  Ella’s Kitchen, on the other hand, has an impressive range from Blueberry Baby Brekkie to Lovely Lamb Roast Dinner.  What’s more,  when you unscrew the cap they smell heavenly.  If it weren’t for the texture issue, I’d be eating them myself.  No rubbish.  Organic. Real. Food.

The competition? Well, I gather frozen baby food is nice, but I’ve never bothered to try it.  Warming a few ice-cube sized portions is, ridiculous though it sounds, just one more process I don’t want to have to put myself through.

And jars?  Well, there’s the mess, the time taken, the number of spoons you get through when your baby decides she’d like to have them for herself, not to mention the hideous smell when you unscrew the lid.  Would you ever want to eat that?

Admittedly, using pouches is most definitely not in the spirit of baby-led weaning, nor is it a cheap option.  But when I need my kitchen to remain beautiful, I have no time whatsoever, I am out and about or I’m just too tired to think about doing anything else, pouches are my number one choice of baby food.  I can’t begin to imagine how I’d have got through the last six weeks without them.

[PS – it seems silly to say it, but in case you were wondering, I haven’t been asked or incentivised to sing such praises…just my lowly opinion.]


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