A moment in time

Posted on: 21/03/2011

I'm trying out Plinky again today. They are asking me to share the best photo I've ever taken. I'm cheating a bit here, since I'm using the other half's computer and don't have access to my usual photos. He took this picture not long after smallest one came into the world.

Isn't it amazing how babies can sleep anywhere, any time and in any position?

I'm feeling particularly envious of that right now. Smallest one is about 10 months older than that now, and conveniently asleep as I type. I am struggling to sleep much at all these days. The thought of being this asleep fills me with longing.

Maybe when we've sold our house I'll have the opportunity. I'll get the other half to take a photo of it should it ever happen…

Oh, and it may look like we're trying to plug her in to the mains, but we're not. Honestly.

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2 Responses to "A moment in time"

Love this photo! When my babies looked like this I said they were milk drunk. Our nursing days are long behind us (and for me, never to be repeated!), but the memories are dear.

Milk drunk! What a great phrase. I almost wish I had another baby to use it on. But not quite. I love how babies get zonked on breastmilk, and seeing their eyes start to roll into the back of their head as they slowly lose the fight to stay awake. Dear memories indeed… 🙂

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