Friday Fatchecker lite

Posted on: 18/03/2011

I think it’s been about three weeks since i decided to cool off about the weight loss thing.

For now, I’m glad I did. Sleep is proving elusive with all the house moving shenanigans.. Indeed I am only finding the time to blog because I can’t get back to sleep.  This is not helping my immense appetite.

I have also been using up my gym days house hunting, a full day’s job since where we want to move is an hour and a half away.  So the exercise thing has been tricky.

I didn’t get to the gym back on Wednesday, nor could I bring myself to go power pramming – the thought is currently too alien to me. Instead I went for a short, brisk walk with smallest one in the buggy. Only a mile and a half but I felt better for it.

Then, yesterday I had a lovely long country walk with a friend and smallest one in the sling.  I worked out the distance later and it turned out to be three miles. I was rather chuffed with that.

A friend has passed on a tip about running with the help of the couch to 5k initiative which also sounds like a good option to try for times when I do have childcare. Once i’ve tried it I’ll pass on the web link. Right now I’m phone blogging and a link would be tricky to pull off!

I reckon the best thing i can do about the whole exercise thing is keep changing it whenever things get stale and not allow myself to go for more than a week without doing something about it.

What’s not stale, though, is the Pilates classes which i am still attending once a week. The teacher is flexible so when loved one can’t be home I can squeeze into another class and catch up.

Looking forward to letting you know how I get on, another Friday soon…


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