Porridge for breakfast

Posted on: 17/03/2011

This may sound like a very boring subject.  Fair enough.  But before you dismiss the thought of reading further, let me put it into context.


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Quaker Oats have loads of amazing recipes both for normal porridge and savoury dishes. I'm going to give the latter a try.

Porridge is currently a very rare occurrence.  Firstly because much beloved is very particular about cooking it for a minimum of twenty minutes, so we hardly ever have time.  Secondly because I get irritated with the horrendous mess. Especially at the moment.  Having said that, the whole family adores porridge.

As such, having porridge for breakfast on a schoolday is unheard of.  Much beloved was working from home this morning and had a little time to spare to cook.  The kids, anticipating the thought of delicious porridge, actually bothered to get dressed while it was cooking.

And then, amazingly, oldest child offers to clean up the mess afterwards. Without being asked.  (Admittedly he was running on negative brownie points and worried he’d not be allowed to go play with a friend after school, but I chose not to let my inner cynic spoil the moment).

All in all, a good start to the day:  delicious porridge, with much beloved’s slow cooking, spices and vanilla essence; mess cleared up by small one, and children dressed before breakfast.  Wow.

Of course, we were still late for school…


2 Responses to "Porridge for breakfast"

We had porridge today too! Also incredibly unusual for a school day – Must’ve been something in the air… I often make a savoury flapjack recipe which is cheesy and mustardy, shout if you want a copy.

Yum! Yes please 🙂

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