Running up a down escalator

Posted on: 16/03/2011

graur codrin /

That’s how things feel at the moment.  A state of stasis?  That was yesterday.  Today I feel as if we’re back to square one.

Our offer has been trumped by someone else.  Admittedly they haven’t accepted it yet, but there is no reason for them to accept our offer over theirs unless we are in a better position than they are.  And we’re not.

So it’s back to trawling the websites and making twice-weekly trips cross-country to view more houses.

What’s particularly annoying is that this house we offered on, hideous though it is, gave us a taste for the kind of size we wanted.  Heaven forbid, I’d even have been able to teach there.

This means that now we are more particular about our needs, and unfortunately there’s not that much out there on our budget.  So many clichés come to mind.  Treading water, running the hamster wheel, and so on.  Basically getting nowhere.

Of course, sitting here complaining about it to you all is not going to help either, so I’d better sign off and go trawl some more websites.

Before I do, though, I’m going to limit the depressing experience.  I’m going to allow myself one hour only.  Then I’m going to go for a good, brisk walk.   Then I’m going to come back, put the radio on really loudly and sing along while I try to keep the house pristine.   After all, we’re not going to get anywhere if we don’t manage to sell our own house.   And I have to do something differently this time round, or else I will just go bananas. (There we go with the clichés again).  I need a bit of British spirit right now!

Hopefully I will be back on the blog with some more positivity next time…  In the meantime, if any of you have any tips to keep me sane, I would love to hear them.  You always have such good counsel.


3 Responses to "Running up a down escalator"

Hey Sacha-
My only tip is not to even start visiting potential properties until you are under offer – the endless disappointment of finding yet another “dream house”, only to lose out to a couple in a better position to move quickly became very draining. Last time we were selling it took 2 years to get to that point – no seller would have waited around for us. The right house will be out there when you’re ready…

Not a bad idea. Having said that, we have a nice house in a desirable area so it won’t be long before we are under offer…
As it happens, we haven’t had an outright refusal, which probably means the agent is playing games with us. Why they can’t be straight and say, ‘they won’t accept an offer till you’re in a position to proceed’, I just don’t know. After all the house has been on the market for a year with no offers prior to this point…

That is frustrating…
Agents are a bunch of crooks – ours outright lied to us, telling us there was a second offer and unless we exchanged on one particular day then the other family would get the house. On the day, there was a holdup with my bank, and I called to let the agents know – saying that it would be delayed by a day but that we could keep the same completion date. They told me that the owner had instructed them not to allow this, and to offer the house to the other party. This was clearly not true (the owner and I had been speaking on the phone that very day). I told them that I was very sorry to hear that, and that in which case they could consider my offer withdrawn at 5pm. (I’m an excellent bluffer).
You should have heard the grovelling.

Anyhoo – I’m glad the housing market near you is holding up well despite the economic nastiness. The house to which I referred was my dream house (wrong location for us though…) in a lovely location, great school catchment area etc. To this day I wonder why we had so little interest. Now we live in Fulham we have the location, but a significant risk of negative equity. Eugh. So stressful…!

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