Essential criteria for being a stay-at-home Mum, part 1: Stamina

Posted on: 14/03/2011

I started thinking about this last night, but I was too dog-tired to do anything about it.

Story of my life.

Up until having babies, I was pretty short on stamina anyway… I suspect it to be a lingering after-effect of having had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – albeit mildly – at age 20.   Not that I’m complaining.  I knew people who had the same condition and just didn’t get better.  Small mercies and all.  Anyhow, the long and the short of it is, I wear out quicker than most, even when I’m reasonably fit.

(Right now, of course, I’m not reasonably fit.  My weekly gym sessions have been suspended due to needing to house-hunt, and half the time hubby isn’t around for me to escape to a Pilates session.)

Anyhow, pre-babies, all I had to worry about was me.  Might explain why I never bothered tidying up after myself (well, maybe not, but I never had much energy to do anything, including tidying up).

After having babies, suddenly there’s a whole load more of everything to do.  First of all you are carrying round a baby the whole time (unless your baby has reached the age where they are reasonably safe  in their own company and will play nicely in their own room for a while, or better still go to school.  Secondly you have a heap more laundry to catch up on, a heap more tidying up to do, a heap more meal preparation (because ready meals will no longer suffice), and a heap more cleaning.

There are superhuman stay-at-home Mums who somehow manage to bake cakes and suchlike on top of all this. How they do it I just don’t know.  Surely they must collapse in a heap on the floor by teatime?

Speaking of which, that’s pretty much what happens to me every day.  After getting up at the crack of dawn trying to feed, clean and dress the whole family before going to school, getting back from the school run to do the laundry and clean up in the kitchen, get on with the ironing – mood of baby permitting, feed the baby, squeeze in some lunch, go out grocery shopping or to a toddler group, pick up the kids from school, get home and flop.

That’s right, flop.  At 4pm.  My stamina just can’t get me through to bedtime.

Invariably I am then late getting the kids’ tea, and I have no energy to get them bathed and into bed.  And if homework is involved, well, let’s just say they’re really late to bed on homework nights.

If the loved one gets home from work at a reasonable hour, which translates as any time before the children are in bed, he just has to take over as I’m completely wiped.  If he’s lucky we’ll have saved him some dinner, but it doesn’t always work out that way and he’ll have to fend for himself pretty often.

Ambro /

This would be me if I were trying to do a paid job too

I adore my children.  I wouldn’t trade, even for a bit more stamina.  But it’s amazing how anybody copes.  If I think I have it bad, I should spare a thought for all those mums who do a full day’s work on top of all this.


4 Responses to "Essential criteria for being a stay-at-home Mum, part 1: Stamina"

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Finally some-one who admits that it isn’t so easy out there. I’m in my first month of beeing a stay at home mum (with only one toddler to look after). The decision to leave my job was a very difficult and emotionally strained one. I was being offered a promotion which would have involved a LOT MORE work hours but I was already having trouble with dealing with full-time work AND a family to look after. When announcing that I was planning to be a at home with my son for a while (1 year at least) I was made to feel a loser, someone who was complaining about nothing….It seemed like there were only super-moms out there with the energy, the creativity and the resources to manage a full-time job, a house full of kids and maybe a week full of after-dinner activities as well!

Funny isn’t it? It’s almost a taboo to stay at home… But so glad that someone out there understands that it’s not all daytime TV and facebook! How are you, by the way? ☺

I don’t bake cakes on top of all that other stuff, I say sod the housework and bake cakes instead of all that other stuff, so you can have a slice of cake but don’t expect any clean laundry or to escape the house without something unidentified and sticky lodging on your sock.

I like your attitude 🙂

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