Candle obsessions

Posted on: 13/03/2011

razvan ionut /

Whenever I remember, I love to light candles.  Lots of them.  In the daytime to get nice scents, and in the night-time to get that lovely ambience.

I am particularly fond of those wax tablets you stick in a special pot above a tea light, slowly melting to give a luscious smell, yet having no wick can be re-used ad infinitum.

Every time I go to a garden centre (why garden centres, by the way? they’d gutter in the wind if you actually used them in a garden), I cannot pass the candle display without stopping and cooing for a while.   (This pleases the kids no end, as for a few moments they can play without fear of reprimand; it would appear that garden centres make for excellent hide-and-seek, as well as an excellent stock of candles.)

Of course, having admired the candles for several minutes I then have to buy several.

I then get my purchases home and pop them in my special candle drawer ready for when the current candles are all used up, when I realise the drawer is kind of full.

It would appear the number of times I purchase candles exceeds the number of times I remember to use them.

Is this what they call ‘selective memory’?   Conveniently forgetting I have a large quantity at home, because I am so keen to buy more?

Or is it just a mild overdose of retail therapy?  If so, I guess it’s better than clothes shopping.

After all, when has a candle ever been the wrong fit?


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