The Monster Truck Whisperer (via OINKtales)

Posted on: 12/03/2011

Have a read of this. I’m a big fan of OINKtales since I imagine myself to be in the same situation, albeit a few years behind and in a different country. Also, Mary is very funny.

But here’s an observation on the Mummy Glare and one woman not using it. Fascinated to know what you think.  I’m going to think about this one for a while.  I wonder whether I’ll ever have this much patience..?

The Monster Truck Whisperer Last week, I went to the “Welcome to Kindergarten” meeting that our elementary school puts on for parents of incoming kindergartners. When the principal asked parents to raise their hands if they were sending a child to kindergarten for the first time, more than half the people in the room had air in their armpits. When he asked for a showing of second-time kindergarten parents, the rest of the room responded. My battle-scarred, oven-burned, cuti … Read More

via OINKtales


2 Responses to "The Monster Truck Whisperer (via OINKtales)"

Thanks for pushing the pig, Sacha! Glad to meet you! Looking forward to perusing your site and reading about parenting across the pond. It’s nice to know that the mummy glare is universal. 😉

Ah yes. The mummy glare does work (well, most of the time). A friend of mine was just saying that the patient smile wouldn’t work on his 10-year-old twins!! Perhaps there’s an age limit to its effectiveness…

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