Moving house ironies

Posted on: 09/03/2011

Just a collection of things that we have experienced since this malarkey began back in February…

  • Trying to arrange viewings so that you are out viewing houses the same time others are viewing yours
  • Choosing conveyancing through an estate agent who has nothing to do with the house you are buying or the one you are selling
  • Keeping the kids out of the house prior to a viewing only to have the cats throw up on the carpet while you’re gone
  • Putting everything you don’t need into the garage only to discover your dinner is in the garage freezer and you no longer have space to get the garage door open.
  • Pulling up to view the house of your dreams, opening the car door, being deafened by the noise of the motorway that’s out of sight (but not out of earshot) and thinking, so that’s why it was on at such a good price.
  • Removing the throws that were meant to help protect the sofa and  keep it in pristine condition, only to discover that at some point someone stained the sofa with a spilt drink through the throw anyway.
  • Having nowhere to hang out laundry till the weather is warmer, therefore doing no laundry on viewing days.  Then running out of clean clothes
  • Noticing holes in the fence for the first time as you are showing someone around the garden
  • Finding out that half your sturdiest, longest-living garden plants died from the harshest winter yet just as you prepare for photos to be taken
  • Living off ready meals so as not to make any mess in the kitchen, only to have the baby fling half the dinner on the floor anyway

No doubt there will be more of these before this is over  ☺


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