The new manoeuvre: Baby commando crawling

Posted on: 06/03/2011

It’s official.  Smallest one is on the move.

Not crawling as such.  Nope, not bum-shuffling either (which, incidentally, is extremely cute).

That’s right.  The only way for smallest one to get anywhere – apart from rolling with intent, which would appear to be a little passé these days – is to go elbow over elbow to get to where you want.   Dragging the rest of your body behind you.

Someone I know had a baby that did this, and was subsequently nicknamed The Slug.

I can see why.

I would have a piccie but she chose to demonstrate the technique for the first time while I was in the bath.  And having given my phone a soaking once already, to disastrous consequences, I generally keep the phone away from water nowadays. 😦

Of course, this means that my cunning plan to get the house sold before we needed to install a stairgate has been well and truly foiled.

Naaahhh.  There’s a lot to be said for closing the door to the room you are in.  I expect we’ll try that instead.


2 Responses to "The new manoeuvre: Baby commando crawling"

Bless. They grow up too quickly!

Loic never truly crawled. He would move forward in a wave-like motion…like a seal!

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