The Back Burner

Posted on: 02/03/2011

I’ve just come off a phone call to my tutor.  We have agreed that the essay giving me so much grief would be best left on the back burner for a while.

I like it when my tutor agrees with me.  This essay has been doing my head in.  I can’t find enough relevant information to answer the questions I want to answer.  So I’m a bit fed up with clunking my head against a brick wall.  So it’s going on the back burner, and just as well.

graur codrin /

Somehow nothing gets burned on the back one.

This back burner of mine is incredibly versatile.  In spite of being only one imaginary thing, it can happily store all my half-finished projects and plans until I feel ready to deal with them once more.  Currently I have three potential houses, one weight loss plan, about one thousand un-sorted photos, two un-organised bookshelves and an eye laser treatment on there – enough to keep me going for a while, though I bet I’ll add more before I remove anything.

And now I have an essay sitting there too.

What do you have on your back burner?


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