What about my stooooorryyyy?

Posted on: 01/03/2011

It’s eight o’clock in the evening.  Eldest child is whining at me because he’s not got a story.  I gave him precious time on Club Penguin instead of a story, because he was so keen to play it. It’s half an hour past his bedtime.  Even though he’s a professional whiner when the need arises, he’s not getting a story.  Whine or no whine.

Is there something in our programming that means we have to try and push our boundaries?  I’m sure I was the same as a child.

Besides, I’m supposed to be having a telephone one-to-one with my tutor at half past.  And I haven’t had my own dinner yet, let alone prepared for the phone call.

It’s at times like these that the circle of life gives me consolation.  I am less inclined to get annoyed with the whining if I remind myself that, God willing, he will have children of his own one day.

And they will whine at him.

And then he’ll understand.  Actually, he probably won’t remember.  But I will.

And silently in my head, I shall say, nya ha ha ha.  Slightly evil, but oh so satisfying.

I was about to take a photo of said child looking mutinous.  He chose not to co-operate, so I took a photo of him not co-operating instead.  I’m in that kind of mood.

Now, never mind about the whine, perhaps I should treat myself to some wine if I’m to retrieve some sanity before this phone call…


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Love it!

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