Why moving house is stressful part 4: preparing your house for sale

Posted on: 28/02/2011

We’re planning on getting our house on the market within the next seven days or so.  Yes, things are hotting up.

renjith krishnan /

Swap the dollar sign for a £ and this seems fairly accurate right now

We can play it several ways.

Option one is the least hassle: don’t do anything differently to normal. We did this in the last house, but then that was a part exchange so there was less urgency to ensure the house would actually sell. One advantage of buying a new build I suppose.

Option two is the most hassle: you make the place look like a showhome. Fresh paintwork on all the walls, a kitchen you could find on the pages of an interiors magazine, the latest style of wallpaper and flooring..  This tends to ensure a quick sale and was the basis of all those House Doctor TV programmes.

Unfortunately everyone has seen the programmes and everyone seems to have identikit trendy show houses when selling these days.

This could be a problem in our case since we don’t do trendy wallpaper and all that malarkey. But with everyone else doing it and living in an area where people tend to like that style, it’s hard to tell how well option three will be received.

Yes, unsurprisingly our plan is somewhere in the middle. We don’t want to start faffing around with builders when there’s every chance the person considering buying the property would do it differently. We could follow the herd and go down the trendy route, but I can’t bring myself to spend so much time and money only to hate the end result.

Which means that option three is basic maintenance and tidying the house to within an inch of its life… In itself quite a feat when there’s three children and two messy adults to take into account.

I’ll be blitzing it from top to bottom in the next couple of days. Woe betide a child who so much as breathes in the house once it’s clean.


6 Responses to "Why moving house is stressful part 4: preparing your house for sale"

My tip: have lots of Saturday trips booked so you can have the children out of the house ALL DAY when people want to view!

Oh yes, I completely agree ☺

It’s also worth noting that there is a type of buyer who will actively avoid the showhome look because they feel like they’d be paying extra for a level of presentation they don’t want. (Me, for example. Also, the people who bought our old house!)

Good luck with the Big Tidy-up Sacha – even the words make me shiver. My tip: new co-ordinated towels in the bathroom – low investment but gives an aura of order and well-being (and believe me, I’m laughing at myself as I type this).

Great idea! That’ll be a quickie trip to Tesco then… ☺

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