Smartphone insanity

Posted on: 27/02/2011

Tonight I have been lying in bed. Lights out. Loved one snoozling away beside me.

nuttakit /

But I have not been sleeping.

Let me start a month or so back. My tiny MP3 player, which I use to listen to audiobooks last thing at night, was crashing regularly.  It also bugged me beyond belief that I couldn’t use a mains charger but had to stick it into my laptop instead. And then not charge because the laptop had gone to sleep the moment I left it alone. It annoys me just to describe it.

You might guess, then, that discovering that I could download audiobooks directly onto my mobile was an absolute delight. No more struggling to connect the dodgy cable every time the MP3 player needed charging or I needed a new book – just hassle-free listening bliss.

Or so I thought.

Back to tonight.  My phone is ready to play me the next installment of the Agatha Christie I downloaded.  But it is no longer charging out of sight in the kitchen, and I now have the irresistible temptation of a smartphone within reach at bedtime.

Over the last hour I have played Tetris and Papaya, checked my emails twice, not to mention blogging using the WordPress app.


And I haven’t even pressed play on the audiobook app yet.

It’s at times like these I wish all this technology didn’t exist, since my ability to resist fiddling with it at inappropriate times is non-existent. (I suspect that might be self-evident by now.)

However, it is strangely zen. Earplug in one ear as I lie on my side listening to music (yes, another app) and interacting with this tiny gadget – the only light source in the entire house.  I feel incredibly calm and relaxed in this tiny world that only reaches as far as the screen light can shine.

Perhaps I should stop blogging now, all the same.


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