Friday Fatchecker: A rethink

Posted on: 25/02/2011

Hi all,

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who has been supporting me on this journey.  All of your comments have been valid.

I’ve been reflecting on this year’s weight loss journey so far, and it looks like with the house move and the studying, oh and the three kids, I’m struggling to focus on this resolution effectively.  Every spare moment of my time that I’m not spending on the family is taken up with either tidying this house, searching for the new house, or talking to estate agents / conveyancers / surveyors etc. on the telephone…  Even my studying is struggling.  And that only gets one morning a week as it is.

As a result, it’s not really surprising that I haven’t  been focussing on what’s going in my mouth.

And it might explain why the grand total I have lost in the last two months is one measly pound.

I will stick with my resolution to ‘be healthier’.  I will keep going to the gym once a week.  I will keep doing Pilates once a week.  I will continue to limit my alcohol intake (last Saturday doesn’t count, does it Graham and Jane?) and keep working on portion sizes and water.  But I don’t plan to weigh myself, until I feel I can give it the attention it deserves.

I still intend to keep my Friday post.  But without the weight.  More of an honest reflection on how I’ve been getting on with establishing my healthy habits.

Thanks everyone!  Keep sending your supportive thoughts – they always help.


6 Responses to "Friday Fatchecker: A rethink"

I hear you, sister! I’m kind of in the same space (with the house sale falling through, kiddy illnesses, etc.), but I’m (strangely) looking forward to Lent. I’m going to have to go on a bit of a diet, both financially and nutritionally. So I’m looking forward to an official period of austerity, after which I can ease up a bit, but still not go back to my original levels of spending or eating! Also, summer’s coming and there will be more occasions for outdoor playing (cheap and active!) and picnics (cheap, and can be healthier than the lure of the tea-room!). Also, I’m the kind of person that needs to draw a line in the sand, then make BIG changes. I find I just don’t stick to little incremental changes.
On a side note, I’m finding that though my weight goes up and down, what’s really interesting is which clothes fit and which don’t!

Lent. There’s a thought. Though it is ages before Lent begins this year, at least in the C of E calendar. I have the problem that if I deny myself something at a time of general craziness such as now, it becomes such a big deal that I have to have it in extra large quantities Right Now. If you know what I mean. However perhaps I can come up with something manageable to ‘do without’… I’ll give it a think, thanks for the idea.

I am having some similar thoughts. I have lost nearly a stone but it’s been slow going and I won’t be doing a fantastic job of maintaining it based on this weeks activities!

You’re doing great overall. Hang in there! And don’t let my lack of progress hold you back… Even if you are about to have the world’s craziest month, you can still hold on to those healthy habits you managed to establish up till now. I say that in the desperate hope that I will do the same!

i find soup helps. ive been taking it to work for lunch (avoiding the sandwich) and adding chicken. its filling and im slimmer. keep it up!

Nice idea, thanks. I might try that when things are a bit less hectic, especially as I have a favourite thai-style lentil soup that I simply adore. And I could possibly do some ready-made soup in the meantime. Beats a weight watchers meal anyhow!

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