Cooker hood filters. Euggghhh

Posted on: 21/02/2011

I suppose it was a mistake to leave changing the cooker hood filter for 5 years…  But I bit the bullet today, and finally changed the filter.

Yes, it was pretty gross.

No, it wasn’t too bad, especially with the trusty CSI gloves… and I got a bit of momentum going and cleaned all the kitchen cupboard doors at the same time.

No, nobody but me will notice.  But even though nobody can see it, at least my invisible halo will be shining brightly today.


nice and clean cooker hood

Not the most beautiful of pictures, but note the white behind the holes and the lack of grease dripping down from the hood...


2 Responses to "Cooker hood filters. Euggghhh"

You have just made me glad I was at work today.

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