Now I know why they’re free.

Posted on: 20/02/2011

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Mobile phone hands-free kits.

I got one today, similar to the one in the photo.  I had been expecting to pay at least a tenner for one.  But to my immense surprise, there was no charge.  Apparently nobody buys them any more.

Why not?  I asked the friendly shop assistant.

Dunno, came the reply, but we’ve got stacks of them upstairs and we’re just giving them away.  Can’t sell them.

Fast forward to this afternoon, driving home from the shop, having happily attached my purchase to the dashboard.

On a fast road when there’s a loud crash as the handsfree, having unstuck itself, clatters to the floor by my feet where, thankfully, I’m not trying to use the clutch at that given moment.

Hasty kick out of danger, heart a-flutter, and phone now somewhere under the drivers seat.

Yeah.  Now I see why they can’t sell them.


3 Responses to "Now I know why they’re free."

My husband would groan and blame it on me nit having attached it properly 😉

Or ‘not’ even! The Sunday wine is getting to me.

That’s what Sunday wine is for. I didn’t even bother telling the hubby as I’d get a similar reaction!! Actually I suspect it didn’t help that there is no non-curved surface in the car, so it was always going to be a little suspect…

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