Why moving house is stressful. Part 2: Schools

Posted on: 19/02/2011

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So in part one I basically told you that I didn’t want to leave behind my lovely friends when I move.

The other thing I really don’t want to leave behind is our fabulous school.

It’s a weeny village school.  There are less than fifty children there – so few that the classes straddle two year groups.  It’s in a titchy building, the size of which would make a good home for a family of four or five.  Maybe with a dog.

And yet, it’s tininess is its saviour.  Somehow it turns all those disadvantages into advantages.  Nine-year-olds can be found playing with four-year-olds in the playground.  The children are all generally well-behaved, because, well, all the other children are well-behaved.  There simply aren’t enough of them to cause any serious trouble.  And the teachers can really focus on the children and meet their needs.

We’re planning on moving to an area where even the smallest schools are three times the size.   Believe me, I’ve looked till the Ofsted logo is starting to blur.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that I found myself asking the class teacher at parents’ evening tonight if there was any chance we could relocate the whole school.

She said it might be a bit tricky.

I suspect she’s right.



4 Responses to "Why moving house is stressful. Part 2: Schools"

Wow, Sasha, sounds as if you have the perfect situation in your current village. Have you considered home schooling? You might like that as an alternative. We did it at various levels with our 4 sons.

Thanks Sharon, we’d consider it as a short-term option, but not for any length of time – we’d be worried that the children wouldn’t get enough experience of real life, warts and all, if they didn’t spend most of their time at school… Actually, where we’re moving to might have bigger schools but they’re all pretty good in this area, and some are outstanding. If we move, whilst we won’t get the same attention to detail, there will be other positives to offset it.

Hi Sacha don’t despair size isn’t everything! Our lower school has 300 pupils- that’s two classes a year and it’s a fantastic school with excellent behaviour and teaching standards. And there are some advantages to a bigger school…. Your kids never end up in the same class competing directly. The teachers have the chance to become specialists and experts in their field. The space and environment can be developed better and provide better resources….
Your kids will be fine with great support from you and chris…

Thank you Sarah! Good to know. The trick is finding a good house in an area with a good school where the budget isn’t blown out of the water! But no doubt we’ll get there… 🙂

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