Friday Fatchecker, Part 7

Posted on: 18/02/2011

Seven weeks since I started this malarkey.

I feel I turned a corner last week with beloved one’s suggestion of fruit.  Now that I’ve actually tried it and remember that it’s not so bad, I seem more inclined to eat it.

And I haven’t stolen so much as a chip of any child’s meal since last week.

So the question is, will it show on the scales?  I have three answers prepared, since I’m writing most of this in advance.

Worst case scenario: I have gained again.  I really shouldn’t have; I do feel like I was good as gold.  If this has happened, then I really need to re-think the way I’m tackling this weight loss extravaganza and see if I can do something new to head back in the right direction.

Blah scenario: I have not gained, but nor have I lost.  If this is the case I’ll still need to add something new to the mix.

Good scenario: I have lost, and am ideally in the eleven-stone-somethings…  In which case I really am doing the right thing, and can keep working on it till it becomes an established habit.

So, advice to self has been prepared and noted.  Now all that remains is to establish which scenario is relevant this week.

Fast forward to a disappointing result on the scales. In spite of my efforts I have gone up again… I am now 12 st 2 lb, one more pound than last week. And i don’t know why. So i feel rather baffled and a little frustrated.

Now, if I’m to follow my own advice I need to add another string to my bow. This week, therefore, I’m going to start writing a food diary. Let’s see if it works.

I promise only to post full details if they are sufficiently interesting…


7 Responses to "Friday Fatchecker, Part 7"

A pound is nothing. Could just be water retention. Are you drinking enough?

Quite likely not. Thanks for the tip!

tracking food on sparkpeople is very easy and it works out calories for you

Thanks Tessa, I’ve had a good look at that. However since hubby specialises in the field I kind of have to be loyal to him… Agreed the sparkpeople option is good. WW good too, though expensive by comparison!

Nicole’s right, a pound isn’t significant given that you’re going for the slow and sustainable approach.

Yeah, I thought water too! My tip is always weigh yourself at the same time of day. First thing in the morning after you’ve been to the loo is good. Because you’ve not eaten for a while and just emptied your bladder, so chances are you’ll have lost weight! This sets you up nicely for the rest of the day by renewing your willpower!

OK everyone! Going to try and drink lots more water this week.
Gonna have to be instead of the food diary; my brain does not compute two changes at once 🙂

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