Valentines Day Dilemma

Posted on: 13/02/2011

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Valentine’s Day.

I used to dread this day when I was a geeky teenager at school.

All the hot babes would drown in mountains of cards, and the hottest ones would go give kissograms to the hot boys.

Though nobody would notice, those of us with no show of interest from the opposite sex would be utterly mortified that we were unloved.  Even more so if  – shock horror – we received a valentine from our parents.  Valentines Day was nothing to do with love and all to do with popularity and how much people wanted to snog you.

So it’s not surprising that, even though those days are long gone, and I’m happily loved up with my man, I view this particular holiday with more than a little scepticism.

Not to mention the fact that it feels like the working world is desperate to exploit the die-hard romantics with over-priced and over-rated food, flowers, and so on…

But then, not to celebrate would be plain wrong.  Whatever the Valentine equivalent of Scrooge is, that would be me.  And I think it’s great that we should dedicate a day to love and romance.

But not just with my man, with my whole family.  Let’s spread a little love around.  There’s enough for everyone after all…

So what I plan to do is, keep the day clear, get out the craft box with the kids, and we’ll all make smoochy cards for each other, and tissue paper flowers.  And we’ll put hearts on everyone’s place settings, candles on the table, and do anything else schmaltzy that we can think of.  We’ll also be ambushing each other with hugs and cuddles all day long, and the odd kiss here and there.

Then, when we’ve thoroughly romanced out the kids and popped them in bed (more kisses and cuddles there then), we’ll flop, exhausted, onto the sofa and watch a cheesy romantic movie snuggled up together.

Admittedly it might make some of you want to gag, but, as you may have guessed, I don’t tend to do things by halves.


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