Using the TV as a babysitter?

Posted on: 08/02/2011

Salvatore Vuono /

So.  Here I am, trying to make essay notes.

Smallest one is sitting happily on her mat (yes, at 9 months she has conquered sitting up), with her toys around her, enjoying a bit of all-too-rare baby TV.  One thing I’ll say for cBeebies, they have the perfect mix of educational and fun.  She loves it.

I’m sitting on the sofa.  Not making essay notes.

I’m being sucked into baby TV.

Even though most of the programmes are mind-numbingly boring to an adult.  I can’t help it.  Boring TV or even more boring essay reading?  It’s the TV every time.

I could leave the room, but I know that if I do that, I’ll ignore smallest one completely.  And though she’s not yet crawling, she is still more than capable of getting herself into trouble.  Last time I tried to do that she rolled right under the dining table and banged her head on the crossbar.  And I didn’t realise for several minutes as I was ‘in the zone’ and not listening out for her.

What I should have done was take the opportunity to study when she was in childcare.  But I was in the mood to blog … and ended up blogging all morning.

Oh, procrastination, you outwit me every time.


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