Resolution update: progress so far…

Posted on: 06/02/2011

This post, as you may have gleaned from the title, follows on from my New Year’s resolutions, where I promised myself that this year I would (a) get healthier, (b) complete my studies and (c) keep my temper.

Catherine Hadler /

So if I want to stay healthy in the long term, this is probably the wrong way to approach lunch.

It’s one month in, and, as you’ll see from my Friday Fatchecker part 5 post, I’m making slow and steady progress so far with (a).

Yes, snails would get there faster than me, but I don’t want to do anything that I can’t sustain permanently, so snail’s pace is just fine.  (I was tickled by this photo – it seemed to sum it all up nicely!)

So, one healthy resolution still intact in February.  A good start then.  Go me!

On the other hand, (b) is my stumbling point.  I just cannot get motivated to do the essay that has been looming since November.  Three months of procrastination?  That’s not a good sign, really….

And I had promised myself to do it by the end of January.  That’s a big thumbs-down there, then.  I know that once I get into it, I’ll keep momentum on it till it is done (usually by neglecting everything else, unfortunately). But the topic is a sticky one and there don’t seem to be any decent texts around.  I sincerely hope that I have caught up by my March update…

But!  Would you believe it?  (c) is still intact.

photo by EA /

I feel some synergy with this mummy duck calmly leading her little ones across the water..

The one I thought I would be least likely to keep up.

Actually I feel extremely proud of myself for not shouting at the children once in over a month. Considering I used to lose it nearly every day, this is my greatest achievement so far.

Can you see my halo shining?

And it has made an incredible difference to the atmosphere at home.  I don’t know if anyone has said it before (they probably have), but just as negativity breeds negativity, so too does positivity breed positivity.

What a revelation!

What a resolution.


2 Responses to "Resolution update: progress so far…"

Well done you! What are you studying?

Thanks! I’m studying ‘antenatal education’ and can’t find anything remotely interesting to put in this essay…

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