Lose your microwave phobia: part 1

Posted on: 02/02/2011

[With apologies for this post and the last being published in the wrong order… Whoops.]

It occurred to me that one thing I’m really good at, and that a lot of people are terrified of, is microwaving.  They reheat ready meals in it, and that’s it.

Microwaving food is cost-efficient, safe and frighteningly easy.  So I thought it might help those of you who look at that metal box in the corner of your kitchen with dread if I just put up some simple tips to help you overcome your phobia.

Things NOT to microwave

First of all, here are some microwave no-nos.


NEVER use metal in your microwave.  EVER.  It’s really really dangerous.  So don’t leave the fork in while you’re stirring, or keep your ready meal in its foil tray.   See this clip and ask yourself if you’d want that happening in your home.

(Thanks to donsherio for the clip)

If you’re stuck for something to microwave in then most plastic containers work a treat. You need a lid on loosely to let excess steam escape; if you don’t have a lid use a bit of clingfilm and stab a few holes in it.

Joints or cuts of meat.

I don’t generally recommend cooking cuts, or joints, of meat in your microwave.  Better to fry or oven bake or it’ll come out dry and tasteless.  This is the sort of microwave cookery that puts people off.

(Fish, on the other hand, is delicious. But I’ve not had much practice at this yet, so I’m keeping quiet about it for now)


Don’t poach eggs in your microwave.  Even if you’ve got a special thingy that’s designed for it.  They get super-hot spots.  And then you open the microwave and they explode in your face.  Don’t ask me how I know this.


Finally, don’t bother cooking pasta in your microwave unless you are reheating.  When you get your brand new microwave, you get an instruction booklet that tries to convince you it’s a good idea to cook pasta this way.  It’s not.  You are better off doing it the conventional way, as the amount of water that pasta needs is downright dangerous when you need to take it out of the microwave afterwards.  And it takes twice as long.  A bad idea all-round, really.

Next time: Microwave heaven – things you can try out.


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