Living with conviction

Posted on: 31/01/2011

Yet again I find myself wanting to write from Olivia’s Sunday photo blog.  This is what she shared this week: –


Day 46 / 365 - Climb to the heavens on feathers and dreams (Portland climbing)

Image courtesy of Jason Rogers on Flickr. Some rights reserved; click on image for details.


When I saw this photo, I instantly thought of trust.

Climbing has always seemed to be a great way to build a trusting relationship with your fellow climber.   In this case the climber is solo, but nevertheless the issue of trust is still fundamental, just in a different way.

This picture shows how you have to trust in yourself.  I mean, look at the picture.  You have to really trust yourself.

But then, when you think about it, don’t you have to really trust yourself to make the right decisions in every single thing that you do. If you question yourself, you end up spending your entire time wondering whether you made the right decision.

This is particularly true of parenting.  Remember my post about the Guilt Fairy?  Well, the guilt fairy is more likely to appear should you not trust the decisions you make for you and your children.

But!  You can banish the guilt fairy if you can really trust the decisions you make.

Sometimes you’re going to make the wrong decisions, but there are incredibly few decisions that turn out to be downright wrong.  As long as you do the best you can with the information you have available, you should have no reason to question yourself.  And if it does go wrong, you have to forgive yourself.  After all, you did the best you could with the information you had available.

And if you can live by this code – trust in yourself fully  – you’ll really start to enjoy what this wonderful world has to offer. Just like the climber in the picture, you’ll be living your life with conviction.

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