Excited? About sports? Really, no. Actually, maybe.

Posted on: 30/01/2011

Plinky had a starter for ten earlier in the week.

What major sporting event do you get most excited about?

I groaned at the sight of this.  Really, this household couldn’t be less interested in sport if it were inhabited by a family of deaf and blind snails.  Nothing to blog about there, then.

Only then I noticed the question was not about ‘sport’, but ‘sporting events’. Small but significant difference.

So then I thought about those things I do like to watch, and even better watch with my kids.

Firstly – international football.  Namely the World Cup.  I don’t need to watch every match, but I do like to watch, and root for whichever country I feel is deserving of my support.  Often this will be England.  But any country with whom I feel some connection will do.  This includes the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, or indeed anyone who looks like they could do with some help.  As if I could help them by shouting at the TV…

However, if the World Cup never happened again, I wouldn’t miss it.  So I thought again.

Of course! The Olympics.  I love the Olympics.  I’m not sure how I feel about them taking place in a city less than an hour from my doorstep next year, but I really love the Olympics.


thanks to Wikimedia Commons for the image

So that got me thinking.  What is so special about the Olympics?  I came to the following conclusions: –

  • It is only once every four years.  It doesn’t take over every August.  (I suspect that’s also why I quite like the World Cup..)
  • It is great for having conversations with your kids, who will support all sorts of athletes for all sorts of reasons.
  • It’s a great educational tool for the kids.  In the opening ceremony we open up ‘Google Earth’ on the laptop and see if we can guess where the next country is in the world before we type it in and swoop over there.  Particularly good fun at the Winter Olympics, where the size of the country’s team is a good indicator of the climate in that region.
  • There’s a real sense of camaraderie.  Everyone wants to try their best.  Generally nobody wants to cheat.  The party atmosphere almost oozes out of the TV screen.

I really can’t think of any other sporting event I get excited about.

And it’s coming to London next year.   Yes, the chance of getting tickets is small, but to actually go and watch sport taking place is something I really must do at least once in my lifetime…surely it makes sense to go to something I actually enjoy?

London 2012. It's really happening. Right here!

I can hardly wait…


2 Responses to "Excited? About sports? Really, no. Actually, maybe."

Unfortunately you may have missed the ticket rush. I quite like watching ice skating but I wouldn’t go out onto an ice rink if you paid me!

Ha! I love ice skating (not that I’m any good) but my other half doesn’t so I haven’t been in eleven years 😦
I wondered if I’d missed the rush. I’ve signed up in the hope of getting somewhere but we’ll have to see. I’m not holding my breath!

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