The phenomenon of Pilates

Posted on: 29/01/2011

I may already have mentioned this, but in an effort to be healthier, I’ve taken up Pilates once a week.

I’ve been to three whole sessions at the time of writing and about to go to my fourth, so clearly I am now an expert and ready to blog judgement in whatever way I see fit. Yes, tongue firmly in cheek, though I do love to expose my judgemental side when I can.

The thing about Pilates is that because it’s all mat work and there is no cardio aspect to it, you can leave the class feeling like you didn’t really achieve anything. It’s remarkably relaxing and there’s more than a hint of yoga hidden in there.

Yes, those ab curls were a bit of a struggle, but they didn’t have you fit to bust a gut.  And since I’m unfit and my gut is ready to bust out any time it gets a chance, this type of exercise really must be low impact.

And then I wake up the next day and feel the ache in my muscles as I haul myself out of bed, and realise that perhaps I hadn’t been wasting my money after all.

After three classesI am finally aware of my stomach muscles.  (It’s been a good eighteen months since I was last able to say that. Admittedly these  muscles are under layers of fat a whale would be proud of, but it’s a start.)

Here is the type of Pilates I do.  If you’re interested in checking it out, please do.

Body Control Pilates

Young, old, fat, thin, they’re all in my class…and they all fit in just fine.  A revelation in exercise classes: no snazzy sports outfits or people so fit you turn green with envy, just a bunch of real people trying to get a little bit healthier.

Me included.


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