Friday Fatchecker, part 4

Posted on: 28/01/2011

I’m writing this post in two halves.  This first part I’m writing on Thursday night.  Knowing that I stepped on the scales at 12 stone 2 lb this morning.  Knowing that somehow those two pounds need to disappear, literally overnight.  Preferably more than two.

Yes, I’ve been a little lax this week.  Exercise? Yes.  Food?  Yes. More than I planned. (Why do the children always leave delicious food on their plate at the end of a meal? I mean, really.)

So I’ve been awfully good today.  Yogurt and banana for breakfast.  WeightWatchers ready meal for lunch.  Soup and bagels for dinner.  I would have tried the ‘Dukan Diet’ tactic of a ‘protein Thursday’, but the protein in the house was singularly lacking.  More on Dukan another time.

Only I just got home from Pilates, and realised I haven’t had a single drink of anything all day.

Strangely I didn’t miss it.   But will that be good for my weight or not?

Also whenever I get home from an evening meeting or class, I always want to eat when I get in.  I don’t have to be hungry, my brain seems to ignore that glaring contra-indication and take me straight to the fridge.

But tonight I have resisted.   We’ll have to see if it’s worthwhile.


Fast forward to this morning.

Somehow I just about managed it.  I’m down to 12 stone exactly again.

*Wipes perspiration off forehead*

Now I just need to actually lose some weight!  On the plus side, I’m feeling much healthier and more energetic because I’m getting some regular exercise. Something’s working.

Next week’s Fatchecker: Waist measurements and check on BMI.  Eek.


2 Responses to "Friday Fatchecker, part 4"

I am deferring wobbly watch this week as I have spent the last 3 days on a residential course for work, where I stayed in a hotel, ate a full English breakfast every morning, ate out every evening and had a buffet lunch provided each day. Not to mention the wine! I had no hope. At least you are back to the start.

Don’t blame you… and yum!
My personal take on these things is not to try to resist temptation at times like this, as long as you jump back on the bandwagon when you get back. Otherwise you start to lose the will to live. And no diet is worth that!

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