The land of snuffles

Posted on: 25/01/2011

As I type I have a small daughter on the left who has fallen asleep on the floor, snuffling away in her sleep as she has a cold.

On my right I have my older daughter who is feeling ill so she’s curling up in a ball trying to sleep, but not quite there yet.  More snuffle noises from her.

It’s actually rather cute.  These small signs of life give me a rather comforting feel.  Reassurance that my loved ones are nearby, and breathing (albeit noisily) reminds me that they are there.

Oh bother, the doorbell just went and woke them up, depriving me of the opportunity to take a pic for the blog.

Oh well.  These moments are always transient.  I’m just glad I had a chance to enjoy it.


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