Friday Fatchecker, part 3

Posted on: 22/01/2011

Apologies.  I did this on Thursday on my Android app, and posted it from my phone on Friday.  Yet, now I finally have access to my computer I see that it is still in draft form, even though it is scheduled to publish on Jan 21. Yes, yesterday.  In fact, the exact moment I pressed ‘publish’ on my phone.

Won’t be using that again then.

Deep breaths.

Here, at long last, is yesterday’s post.


So I weighed myself Thursday afternoon since I’m out all day Friday. Pleased to announce the loss of last week’s stubborn pound and am now 12 stone exactly.

This is due in part to the netball game on Saturday, but also because I made it back to the gym at last, for the first time since all the mid-December drama. I got a training programme for the first time since before having the children…only about eight years or so!

I’m finding more energy to do things. This must no doubt have some basis in my increased activity levels, but also I’m feeling much less stressed since applying resolution no. 2.   Somehow a calm demeanour prevents me wasting my energy on negativity, if that makes any sense.

Anyhow a long road to go still. I’ll check in again next week and let you know how things are going…


2 Responses to "Friday Fatchecker, part 3"

Well done! Exercise is the key really, I wish I had more time and inclination to do some. I’m about to weigh myself now.

I agree. I find it difficult to get a habit of exercising, but hopefully I can stick at it. Gym once a week, Pilates once a week. Once they are properly established in my psyche, I might see if I can squeeze in more (though I don’t have a clue where or how!)…
Thanks for your support. Hope your weigh-in goes OK!

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