The Morning Routine

Posted on: 20/01/2011

Over the last three years I’ve been trying to work out how to get the morning routine sussed so that we are not late for school.

Good old Flylady has a wealth of advice on this one.

  • Get up fifteen minutes earlier than you used to, and use this time to make sure you yourself are fully ready (‘dressed to lace up shoes’), having laid out your clothes the night before.

I’m now getting up half an hour earlier, and yes, I’m laying out my clothes.  It definitely helps.  I don’t wear lace-up shoes though. Maybe I should.

  • Get everything that has to go in the car ready the night before, and put it at the Launch Pad (special place to put stuff ready to go in the car)

I do almost everything the night before, and yes we even have a Launch Pad (my son thinks this is a brilliant name).  I can’t cope with doing the lunches the night before as I can’t stand soggy sandwiches, but this still helps a good deal.

  • Leave with fifteen minutes to spare.

We never have a spare fifteen minutes.  We are lucky if we are on time.

Flylady also has several other things that you should do before you leave the house, such as swish and swipe, rebooting the laundry and emptying the dishwasher, all of which just have to wait till after the school run.   I’ve tried to squeeze them in, but as any parent in the school playground will tell you, I just can’t do it and still be there on time.

The kids know they are not allowed to have TV or playtime till they are ready with everything except their coat.  Being five and seven years old, this needs frequent reminding.  The baby, thankfully, is adaptable and does not contribute to morning chaos.

Take this morning for instance.   I was so good.  We were doing well.  I’d limited my ambitions to just getting out on time since everyone had overslept.  I was micro-managing the children, which works well to prevent distractions from taking hold, albeit rather time-intensive.  We were getting in the car, and still on time.  When I realise that it’s a bit too quiet.

Yes, the moment I had taken my eyes off him, my oldest child had decided that rather than get his sweatshirt, coat and shoes on and be ready, he’d  just pop to the playroom and fiddle with his Lego.

The Playroom

The playroom. Irresistable to 7-year-olds who should be getting dressed.

I so nearly broke Resolution No. 2.  My voice certainly came out at a higher pitch, and my displeasure was noticeable.

And we were late for school.



2 Responses to "The Morning Routine"

You and me both, sister!

I like your approach to leaving at twenty past eight no matter what. That would give me enough time to deal with the aftermath at the other end! The law of natural consequences looks particularly good when you are creative enough to apply it to such a situation! Might try it next week…

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