Babies and chewing gum don’t mix

Posted on: 18/01/2011

This morning I was nursing my smallest one, and the chewing gum I had in my mouth had lost all flavour.  In fact, I am fairly sure that if I had done a direct comparison, it would have been hard to distinguish between the gum and wallpaper paste.

I therefore took the chewing gum out of my mouth, found a random bit of paper to wrap it up in, and left it beside me on the sofa while I finished nursing.  I then forgot all about it.

Big mistake.

Next thing I know, smallest one has chewing gum all over her and is milliseconds away from getting it on me.

Thin strands of incredibly sticky chewing gum stretched from hand to hand.  She was fascinated.   Couldn’t work out why I was less than impressed (though Resolution No. 2 is still intact – hooray).  I would post photographic evidence but clearly my bloggers instinct is not yet fully functional. Sorry.  To be honest I’d only have got the camera covered in ick.

Instead I held smallest one at arms length whilst I went up the stairs to fetch the baby wipes before it got even worse.

And here is where I came a cropper.  I needed a free hand to get to the baby wipes.  And she, being a smart cookie, got me.  Just the slightest brush of a hand on my newish top, and those thin strands attached themselves happily to their new home.

Bits of them are still there.  And I have this sneaking suspicion that the washing machine may not have the answer.  Oh well.  I might think twice about chewing gum before a feed next time.

Or at least taking it out before I have somewhere safe to dispose it.  The bin will do for now, until she starts to walk and the bin becomes reachable…and that’s a horror blog for the future.


1 Response to "Babies and chewing gum don’t mix"

Put the top in the freezer, Sacha, then the gum should hopefully break off intact x

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