The Grabbing Principle

Posted on: 17/01/2011

The Law of Babies states that if you have two items within grabbing reach, one of which is a carefully selected, well-thought-out, safe and educational toy, and the other is both unclean and a choking hazard, the baby will immediately grab the inappropriate item and put it in his or her mouth.

I have keys that go on a lanyard round my neck.  The car key itself is is paticularly long and unnerving. So, of course, my smallest one loves it to bits and will happily play, impale herself on and try to choke herself with it for hours on end.

Of course I offer her more suitable baby toys as an alternative. They last for about ten seconds, if that, before she drops them and either returns to the keys, or finds something even more dangerous to play with.

For instance, she has just this minute lunged for the cable of the fan heater and tried to stick it in her mouth.   And that was definitely NOT within grabbing distance.  The cable is not even detectable to the normal human eye.

How is it that we manage to keep babies alive?  It is truly amazing that so many of us survive to adulthood.

And the keys are the favourite.  Again.

Hazardous, unclean keys being swooshed around at high speed on the left. Sensible octopus being ignored on the right.

See what I mean?


4 Responses to "The Grabbing Principle"

To be honest I would have gone for the keys too. Anything that swooshes is a winner for me!

So true. You’d think that baby toy manufacturers would capitalise on this, but I can’t think of a single toy with swooshing qualities…

I like the theme. Definitely easier to navigate and read than the last! No CSS skills needed here 🙂

Thank you! The grass at the top seems to echo the tumbleweed that spills out of my brain onto the keyboard 😉

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