What, another fairy?

Posted on: 12/01/2011

Yes, another fairy.

The House Fairy™  is a phenomenon I came across after I discovered the wonders of Flylady.  One of the Flylady’s friends is the House Fairy.

The House Fairy is Santa’s sister, and she lives with him at the North Pole.  If you contact her, she’ll visit your children’s rooms and leave a surprise if the rooms are tidy.  If they’re not tidy, all she will leave is fairy dust.

The House Fairy

She even has her own child-friendly website.

The House Fairy came yesterday.  The children’s rooms were not tidy.  There was fairy dust on the bed.    (Actually there was fairy dust in the living room too.  Very funny, House Fairy, but it’s tidy now at last.)

Turns out the fairy dust is itchy.

But I guess that’s an extra incentive.  The carrot of the surprise, and the stick of the itchy fairy dust… The House Fairy is full of surprises!

I’ll report back soon on whether the House Fairy is working out for us.  Watch this space.

(Maybe I’ll get a surprise one of these days.  Please?)


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Good luck with that!!

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