Passport Patrol

Posted on: 08/01/2011

Let’s go to France for Easter.

General whoops of delight.  Until…

Errmmm… I don’t suppose you know where my passport is…?

I need my passport as soon as possible.   Babies need passports these days.  And baby number three hasn’t got one yet.  Namely because I couldn’t find mine, and I need mine before I apply for hers.

And you know that if you don’t apply waaaay before you need it, it won’t arrive in time.  So I was getting anxious.

I knew it was in a heap of papers somewhere in the house.

Only problem is, I am an expert in collecting heaps of papers.  (If only everything that came through the door could be instantly scanned into my laptop I would have no trouble finding anything; my laptop filing is meticulous.  Actually I used to work somewhere where they really did that.  And I was the one doing the industrial-scale scanning.  That was 10 years ago.  Why haven’t we all caught up?)

Thankfully I just so happened to deal with a pile of papers for the first time in, um, years, this morning.

And amazingly my passport just turned up.  In the first pile.  See? Good karma.  Maybe it’s making up for the avocado incident just before Christmas.

Sacha's long lost passport

Sacha's long lost passport

But now I have no incentive to sort through the other piles.


Unless!  I promise to my lovely blog readers that I will have sorted out another pile by this time next week.  Yes!  Consider it my sincere pledge to tell you, within a week, what delights my second pile of papers has to offer…


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