Friday Fatchecker, Part 1

Posted on: 07/01/2011

Oh yes, it’s Friday.

Welcome to the Friday Fatchecker, braindribbles style.

In my book that means I must remember to step on the scales.

Preferably naked.

After I’ve been to the loo.

Oh, and before breakfast.

Ridiculous really, but at least it’s consistent.

I am now 12 st 1 lb.  That’s exactly one pound lighter than this time last week.

I am happy with this.  I wasn’t being excessively good; there are still way too many chocolates around the place to resist temptation entirely.  But I have been paying attention to what I eat, and I went to my first exercise class in over 18 months last night.

I also reckon if you lose weight too quickly it’s not so easy to sustain.  There is such a thing as trying too hard!  In my book, 1 lb a week is  about right, though it may slow down as I get closer to a healthy weight.  Let’s see if I can keep 1 lb a week for the next half stone.  I shall try and do this by attempting to make a habit of not wanting to eat between meals and of exercising at least once a week.

On this note, I’ve just been alerted to a very interesting programme on BBC iPlayer: 10 things you need to know about losing weight. It’s only around for another 5-6 days so if you’re interested watch it sooner rather than later….

One thing that bothers me in particular is my waist measurement.  Once upon a time I had a 32 inch waist, but now I’m 42 inches.

Sacha's waist

Sacha's waist measurement 7 Jan 2011

Extremely unhealthy and an indicator for type 2 diabetes so that’s another thing to look out for.  Once a month or so I’ll re-measure my waist and see if it’s improving.

That’s all for today folks!  Next time…how I found my passport (last seen a year ago) by actually sorting out my paperwork.


5 Responses to "Friday Fatchecker, Part 1"

If you can believe it I have lost 5Ib! This always happens to me. Lots lost in the first week and then a maintained 1-2Ib there after. No alcohol, no elevators and a good breakfast everyday has worked wonders!

Well done you. I will post tomorrow 🙂

Thanks and well done you too! Amazing what you can achieve if you try isn’t it?

Wasn’t that programme fascinating? I’m drinking smoothies from here on in!

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