Mixed feelings on term-time eve

Posted on: 04/01/2011

School.  Deserted over the Christmas break.

School. Deserted over the Christmas break.

So my two older lovelies go back to school in the morning. It’s been lovely but I am seriously craving some sanity all the same.  A few weeks ago I was desperate for the term to end – and now I’m desperate for it to start again.

Why do we wish our lives away so?

Let me think about this for a moment.

OK, so the end of term, and December in particular, is always manic. Add that to a mix of very tired children, especially after a 4-month term, and it starts to make sense.

What you are craving is not the end of term as such, but just a chance to take a breather.

Not to be hassling the kids out of the door on pain of severe punishment should you be late AGAIN. Not to have to set the alarm clock for a while. Not to have to worry about the effect a late night will have on anyone, particularly yourself.

OK, so we have that one cleared up. We just want a breather by the time the end of term comes around.  So why do we want it to be over after a couple of weeks of chaos?

Well, actually I have to admit, today was rather nice. I was practising my calm, patient demeanour today after the resolution made to be more understanding and relaxed with the kids. They were more pleasant to be with as a result, and I was more inclined to be pleasant. More days like today I can handle.

It’s days like Saturday I can cope without. New Years Day with my parents over, meant tired, combined with overdose of parents, and unknowingly combined with severe PMT (my first period in around 18 months.) Add kids to that mix and, boy do you wish they were happily back in school.

Even today there is a part of me that is itching to get on with stuff that needs doing… I could always do them with the kids around, but somehow it tends to take at least twice as long.

I guess, then, that too much of anything can grate after a while. We’re back to that old cliché of everything in moderation…but if you’re calm and patient, you’re in a better position than otherwise.

This resolution is looking good!  I wonder if the other two I made are likely to be as successful…?


2 Responses to "Mixed feelings on term-time eve"

Don’t believe anything you’re said and hear. It’s better to follow your instinct that’s, hopefully, molded by experience. Still, this is solid information that shouldn’t be neglected.

Thanks for your thoughts, and sorry, I only noticed that this in my spam box the other day! Isn’t it funny how instinct turns out to be right so very often?

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