New Year New You…?

Posted on: 01/01/2011

It’s such a cliché, but there is something wonderful about making resolutions at the beginning of the year.  A fresh start (there goes another one) can be just what you need to kick yourself out of stagnation and into a positive attitude that helps both you and those around you.

Many years I resolve not to make a New Year’s resolution.  But I’m always glad when I do, even if it’s only to have something to strive for.  The main thing is to come back at the end of the year and see how you did.  If you didn’t achieve what you wanted, then you can look at where you went wrong, tweak a few things and try again next year.  The main thing is to keep looking forward and not beat yourself up about the past.

Anyhow, this year I have three main aims.

Resolution No. 1

I aim to complete my training by the end of the year.  It seems a long time ago since I was at university, regularly completing three assignments in a week.  Nowadays I pat myself on the back if I complete an assignment with a month…

I’ll be teaching my final student course in July, and my tutor will cancel it if I haven’t done the work, so I have a good incentive!   I can do this as long as I keep focus.  This means self-discipline!  Wish me luck…

Resolution No. 2

To treat the older children with more understanding and patience this year.  I have improved on this over the last year, but even now I still struggle to keep calm when I am tired or moody, so there is an underlying aim here to keep looking after myself with good sleep and ensuring that my needs don’t get swept under the carpet.  I’m not aiming for Mary Poppins perfection, just an improvement in general.

Resolution No. 3

And finally, I want to become more healthy.  I have an extremely healthy appetite, and doubly so since the birth of my youngest back in April – breastfeeding seems to make all food completely irresistible.  As a result I am currently clinically obese.  Eek.

BMI tool available at


So… time to lose some weight.  Slowly and carefully.  I would like this to be manageable even when I’m tired, so I’m keeping it simple and not too ambitious, so I will start with three rules to keep for the year.

One, exercise once a week, and more if possible.  I have a place on a pilates course, and the municipal pool allows gives you free gym access if you book a full morning with the creche…  And thankfully this is a gym where it’s not about being beautiful before you go.  Just as well.

Two, no alcohol except when we have company/eat out, and at one other point in the week, such as Sunday lunch or a special dinner with my love.

And three, no eating between meals or second helpings.  Specifically, no hoovering up leftovers from the children’s plates.

So, the plan is to publish my progress here week by week.  Today I weighed in at 12 st 2 lb.  If I eventually reach pre-baby weight, so much the better, but for now I just want to keep going in the right direction.  If I do reach my pre-baby weight (9 st 10 lb), then I shall treat myself to a new hairstyle. You know, the sort that only suits you if you are relatively slender…

So. Thirty-four pounds between now and a truly new me!

That way, maybe one day I’ll find part of my body without excess fat on.

Other than my feet, that is.


10 Responses to "New Year New You…?"

My scales have broken. Apparently they got wet when we had the sink fixed in the bathroom. I’m not able to weigh myself until I buy a new pair tomorrow!

I would image that I am in the 12st region though.

Oh no! I always thought scales could survive anything (especially when you wish they wouldn’t) but yours have proved me wrong… Good luck with the purchase of a new set – isn’t it frightening just how much you can spend on them if you try?

Tell me about it. These ones were expensive too. They are electronic so more likely to break than your run of mill traditional scales.

They could also tell you your BMI and your water volume percentage!

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