OK. I’ve had enough.

Posted on: 22/12/2010

I am typing this sitting in front of the Christmas tree.  Which, since lunchtime today, has sprouted an inordinate quantity of presents.

Indeed.  I have been wrapping solidly all afternoon.

However, in spite of making great progress and listening to some fab new Christmas tunes, I am starting to lose the will to live…. Getting snappy, headachey and generally heading towards a more Grinch-like attitude.  (If we had a chimney, I might well have stuffed all the presents up there by now.)

The thing is, I actually like wrapping presents.  I get excited about ribbons and tags and making stuff look pretty.  Over the years my wrapping ability has slowly graduated from creative-but-messy to creative-and-actually-rather-nice, if I may say so myself.

So why the negativity?  I reckon the reasons are twofold.

Firstly, It’s a bit closer to Christmas than I’d like.  In my ideal world I’d buy presents from early November onwards, then wrap them as soon as I got them home, thus only having one or two to do at a time.  Right now I know if they aren’t done by tomorrow lunchtime I’ll turn into a pumpkin.  So there’s pressure to perform.

Secondly, as our family grows, so the number of presents grows exponentially.  We don’t just need one more present from the baby, we need four more from each member of the family to her, and four for her to give to everyone.  That’s eight more presents than last year, and that’s before we help Father Christmas out with any stocking fillers.

So what can I learn from this?  Obviously I don’t want to become Mr Scrooge and give up on presents altogether.  Gifts say so much more than anything else could.  I will not go down the gift voucher route. Ever.  A soulless way to give at Christmas; you might as well cut your heart out at the same time…though ironically I never mind receiving them‼

After an afternoon’s frustrated musings, I reckon the answer is to just buy presents through the year as I see them and have a place to stash them where I won’t forget I’ve got them.  I’ll wrap them as and when I get them, and I’ll enjoy each individual wrapping session as much as I did before.

Well, that’s the plan anyway.  Better than no plan…


By the way this will be my last post before Christmas, so season’s greetings to you all and I’ll be back next week.  Merry Christmas!


3 Responses to "OK. I’ve had enough."

Merry Christmas! Good plan but if you’re like me, the motivation won’t be there to buy presents until Christmas.

Fair point! If it doesn’t work, then I’ll just be writing the same thing next year… Merry Christmas to you too ☺

Sorry. I hate the picture I used. Gotta get rid of it ASAP. Mental note. Take own pics, Use them instead.

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