Friends will be friends

Posted on: 21/12/2010

I just spent a wonderful day with my oldest bestest friend.

We don’t see each other very often. She lives on the wrong continent, and plane tickets can get very pricey when you are a family of four or five…

Somehow, though, with good friends, you can just pick up where you left off.  Nothing has changed between you.  I used to worry terribly that it had, but it never does.

Those friends I still have from my teenage days are the ones who know me inside out from when I was at my worst.  I may still be messy, clumsy and occasionally say the wrong thing.  But generally speaking I’ve improved vastly on those fronts compared to the old days… If they wanted to be my friend then, I can be an even better friend now.

Of course sometimes we can be out of touch for ages.  Life gets in the way, particularly now we have children of our own, let alone the time difference causing problems with those friends who are further afield.   But that doesn’t seem to matter – you meet up again and it’s just the same.  And you know they’re always there for you.

There really is nothing better than a good friend.


2 Responses to "Friends will be friends"

It’s good to see friends before Christmas. Sometimes they are better than family!

How true. I would love to be a superhero and have friends round every day before Christmas, but I just don’t have the stamina…

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