Avocado is a four letter word

Posted on: 19/12/2010

You know how I was talking about end of term fatigue?  And how everything seems to happen right at the end of the term?  Well…

Wednesday evening the car alarm goes off.  I get my man to look and see if everything’s OK (it’s a fairly common occurrence for the kids to leave a door open).  He looks, sees nothing, we go to bed.

I hurry the kids out of the door on Thursday morning.  Notice the very icy passenger window.

Only it’s not ice.

For the first time on this low-crime suburban housing estate we have had a smash-and-grab car theft .

What did they take?  The pressies in the boot?  No, a ten-year-old sports rucksack. With nappy change stuff in.  Including a bagged-up dirty one, ha!

Thankfully not the wallet tucked out of sight, though being forgetful as ever I thought it was in there and cancelled my cards.

So, that was Thursday.

On Friday I have a quiet morning.  Just as well as I’m so tired.  Lunchtime comes.  I feel like eating an avocado.  It’s not quite ripe.  I try using a different technique to get the stone out.  Only I forget that if it works too well, my right hand is in the way.

It works too well.  Knife goes right through the stone (up to the hilt  I discover later), out the other side of the avocado and into my hand between my middle and ring fingers.

So I call a taxi to the hospital.  Then I realise that my bag is still in the trolley at the supermarket and I can’t pay.

This is where nice husbands come in very handy.  My knight in shining armour arrives, and we go to the hospital via the supermarket, where my bag has been handed in, with the cash still in there‼

Several hours, a good helping of glue and a bandage later I walk home with buggy and baby whilst the heroic knight braves the horrors of taking child one and child two to their swimming lesson.

Things I can take away from the experience:

  • I have a fabulous husband (actually I knew that already)
  • I really am ridiculously forgetful (I knew that already too)
  • Things are so much harder when you’re dog-tired
  • I cope better than I thought in a crisis
  • A very sore hand
  • I don’t want any avocado for a while
  • Some people don’t care if they ruin your Christmas
  • Criminals can be pretty stupid
  • Some people restore your faith in human nature

So there you go.  A little weight to my theorising about the end of term being possibly a bit too full-on.


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