Mummy, I think I’m going to -bleggggghhhh

Posted on: 13/12/2010

Yes, I have a vomit comet for a daughter tonight.

Bless her (now rather icky) cotton socks, she did her best to get it in the bowl/toilet, but these things can catch you unawares.  Good thing my sense of smell is not so good at the moment.

When she was at school she had complained of a tummy ache, but it was rather convenient for getting out of clearing up the chairs.  So she wasn’t entirely believed.  Especially when she had a big grin on her face 1 minute later!  Funny how these things come and go; one minute you feel fine, the next you feel absolutely rotten.  Her tummy was absolutely taut though, so I was inclined to believe her from the start.

Would you agree that throwing up is one of the worst experiences?  I hate it so much, I tend to cry.  I think it’s both the shock and the horrible taste combined. Ugh.

This one’s been going round the school for a while.  I had a dodgy tummy a few days ago; not sure if that means I’ve had it or if I’ve yet to catch it.  Pleeeease let it not be the latter…


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